Products & Services

Sourcing External Technology

Locate novel technology or new advances by small firms, university experts and government scientists in response to our client's specific research, product development and technology needs. In addition to conducting patent and literature searches and accessing specialized databases, we place a strong emphasis on personally contacting 50-75 of the industry's leading experts and small firms to uncover the key sources who have or can develop what you are seeking. We are also making extensive use of the powerful search engines and increasing number of data sources available on the World Wide Web.

Operational Needs

• Expert consultants for short-term projects

• Contract manufacturers or packagers

• Analytical firms for testing/analysis

• Process scale-up and optimization experts

• Due diligence on target companies/experts of interest

Technology Alert Service

Our clients provide us with several key areas of interest, and we provide alerts throughout the month on new products, technologies and advances in line with their interest.  We track small firms (hardest for your own info services people), new patents, university advances, research grants, technical and trade journals, and competitor developments, among other things. Our goal is to alert you to key developments before they become widely known, and to augment your other information sources.  Click here for more info.

Market Research

Target areas are the status of competing technology, who the key players are, up and comers, what products they are offering, how they are marketing and distributing their products, quantifying market size/demand, and identifying emerging technologies, trends and sources.  We are identifying both threats and opportunities.

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