About Us


Since 1985, ATI has successfully helped over 80 Fortune 500 companies source externally-developed technology to solve critical research and product development needs in virtually all industrial and consumer markets. Our goal is to help enhance your competitiveness in new or existing markets by providing you with the most relevant and timely information about new technology being developed outside your company.  We can become a key weapon in your product and technology development arsenal.


Retainer clients have unlimited access to ATI, from quick-turnaround requests producing results the same day to extensive, in-depth investigations of a given technology and market.  We are discreet, produce results, and maintain your confidentiality at all times.  Services include:  technology and new product searching, technology alert service, market research, and locating consultants or thought leaders.

ATI'S Competitive Advantage

ATI has access to hundreds of the most comprehensive scientific, technical and business databases available.  We also solicit pre-proposals from a highly fertile source of innovation -- hundreds of small technology-based firms and university scientists.  Further, unlike other search firms, we place a strong emphasis on talking to people on the telephone to uncover the key sources who have what you are seeking, and to learn the most up-to-date information available.  This three-pronged approach results in identification of the top 10-12 sources who have what you are seeking.  We provide a succinct report which includes the best technology sources for your specific need, a summary of their technology or approach, and background information.

Clients & Case Studies

Companies such as Apple Computer, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg, Clorox, and  Starbucks have successfully used ATI to acquire new products, locate next generation technology, identify new markets and improve quality control.  Please view our Case Studies.

Fees & Background

We can work on an annual fee basis targeted to your needs and budget.  This includes unlimited quick-turnaround search requests, in-depth new product and technology searches, and a technology alert service.  We can also work on a fee-per-project basis, where we provide a cost estimate prior to initiating a search.

The company was founded by people with backgrounds in business, marketing and law who shared a common belief in the power of strategic alliances.  It is located in Petaluma, CA.

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