These examples illustrate the various needs ATI can meet and the value we provide.


Diesel Fuel Combustion Particulate Elimination:  A small Ohio firm successfully completed an initial feasibility study and went on to provide a catalytic solution for the elimination/reduction of soot and particulate from diesel fuel combustion.

Flame Retardant Polypropylene:  This small Connecticut firm successfully completed an R&D program in which they developed a flame retardant polypropylene formulation for wire and cable applications. The Sponsor was pleased with the project and, as a result, entered into a new contract with this small firm for the development of flame retardant formulations for appliances.

Mechanism of Methane Monooxygenase:  
University scientists completed a two-year project in which they sought to determine the mechanism of the methane monooxygenase reaction.

Production of Aromatic Compounds with Fluorine Substituents:  The sponsor sought a versatile and practical chemical route to selectively produce aromatic compounds with fluorine substituents which would be adaptable to commercial operation and be more economical than current processes. University scientists ATI found developed two novel chemical routes to accomplish the client's goals.

Toxic Air Contaminant Sensing Monitor:  
Sponsor was interested in obtaining available sensor systems for the detection of various toxic air contaminants (benzene, acrylonitrile, toluene) about the perimeter utility and petrochemical plants.  The small Florida company ATI found and the Sponsor worked out a lease-purchase arrangement for the firm's spectrometer monitor, which has performed well.

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